Data Centers go green

There is a lot of talking and writing about Green Data Centers at the moment. And the word green, in general. To be able to meet market demands for data center services Fortum Värme are one of four strategic partners of a joint venture with purpose to attract large, international Data Centers to Stockholm. The fact that important players like Ericsson, IBM and GleSYS recently have chosen solutions for cooling and heat recovery though Fortum Värme only show an increased interest for green alternatives.

A green mindset permeates the Data Center Industry. Ericsson, IBM and GleSYS have recently signed contracts with Fortum Värme regarding cooling with heat recovery. It seems that heat recovery to the district network are becoming a solution more and more attractive for providers looking for a sustainable way of taking care of waste heat.

While smart cities are growing Stockholms Stad, Stockholm Business Region and Stokab together with Fortum Värme and Ellevio will present an offer with purpose to make Stockholm a perfect place for hosting large, international Green Data Centers. Sustainable solutions like reliable delivery of green electricity and heat recovery make conditions that give Stockholm competitive advantages in comparison with the rest of Europe. A launch is planned for January 2017.

Heat recovery from Data Centers will in 2026 heat up to 200 000 apartments.