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Open District Heating®

“Fortum Värme has developed Open District Heating® as a means to make the district heating system ever more effective. By realizing the synergies between the heating needs of Stockholm’s residents and the cooling needs of data centers and using our extensive network to distribute energies from points with excess supply to points with excess demand we can generate commercial benefits for Fortum Värme as well as our trading partners.”
Anders Egelrud, CEO of AB Fortum Värme
How it works

How it works

Are you wasting your heat?
Sell it to us and help us heat Stockholm's buildings instead.

A data center has many servers generating heat
and they need to be cooled to function properly.

A data center has conventionally been cooled with a cooling machine
and excess heat rejected into the open air using a cooling tower.

With Open District Heating®, the data center's excess heat is
supplied to the district heating system using a heat pump.

The recovered energy is used to heat and produce hot tap water for Stockholm's residents.
In this way, we utilize energy that would otherwise have been wasted.

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