GleSYS and Fortum Värme collaborate on heat recovery

Fortum Värme and hosting provider GleSYS recently signed a contract regarding heat recovery by Open District Heating. GleSYS Data Center in Västberga will initially deliver heat output of 500kW to Fortum Värme district heating network. Delivery will gradually increase up to a level of 900kW, corresponding heating of approximately 700 apartments.

GleSYS effort towards green data center, and heat recovery is an important part of the company’s environmental profile. When excess heat from GleSYS data center in Västberga will be reused instead of being fanned away, one of the positive effects will be lowered carbon dioxide emissions of 350 ton per year. The excess heat have the potential of heating well over 700 apartments in Stockholm.

– The challenge by heat recovery is something that we have thought about and discussed from the very beginning. We have, earlier, used just a small part of the excess heat for heating our own facilities. The fact that we now, together with Fortum Värme, have found a sustainable solution that works both technically and economically is great, says CEO Glenn Johansson at GleSYS.

Fortum Värme welcomes another data center to connect to the district heating network through Open District Heating.

– We are happy to see that GleSYS connect to the district heating network by Open District Heating for reuse of excess heat. The collaboratione between Fortum Värme and GleSYS creates mutual values and together we contribute to make Stockholm a sustainable city, says Martin Brolin at Fortum Värme.

Heat recovery by Open District Heating at GleSYS, is one of a series of projects within the EU-project GrowSmarter. The idea is to create a ready market for smart solutions to support growth and the transition to a smart, sustainable Europe.