Media exposure for data center with heat recovery in Skarpnäck

The interest in environmental benefits from heat recovery is increasing as Fortum is expanding plans to facilitate additional large data centers. This has caught media attention the past week. That’s mainly because of the positive impact of heat recovery from a planned potential future data center in Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm.

Thursday november 24, SVT Lokalnytt showed a news report about the plans by Fortum Värme to facilitate the etablishment of large scale data centers with heat recovery capacity in the greater Stockholm area. Heat recovery will contibute to the transformation of Stockholm to a sustainable and energy-smart city.

The news report points out that zoning rules and energy infrastructure are adapted to enable a larger data center nereby the lake of Flaten in Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm. The focus is on the good use and positive effects with heat recovery solutions will bring from larger data centers. View SVT Lokalnytts news report about heat recovery from data center in Skarpnäck

Also other medias, such as Mitt i Stockholm, describe the plans for data centers in Skarpnäck as well as another area in Stockholmt suitable for larger data centers; Kista/Akalla. In Kista/Akalla Fortum Värme, jointly with Stockholm Stad, Stockholm Business Region, Ellevio and Stokab collaborates to offer the market attractive solutions for larger, international data centers in the area. Read more about the joint effort and the offer for larger, international data centers

Read the artice from Mitt i Stockholm ”Politiskt ja till Fortums plan: Miljardsatsning på datahall”