Interxion Kista

Cost-efficient cooling and heat recovery as a Service

Cost-efficiency and heat recovery with Process Cooling 14°C

Today it is not enough for data centers to offer stable and reliable services. There is also increasing demand for solutions to be sustainable and energy efficient. This is fully in line with the use of Process Cooling 14°C by Stockholm Exergi, a service specially tailored for data centers.

Interxion is a leading European supplier of data center services with operations in eleven countries. In Kista, just north of Stockholm, Interxion has more than doubled the area and capacity of its data center in the past few years. Since fall 2015 Interxion is using Process Cooling 14°C in Kista. The partnership with Stockholm Exergi for delivery of both cooling and heat recovery as a single service is unique in its kind.

The cooling and heat recovery for Interxion’s data center in Kista is provided by Stockholm Exergi’s heat recovery plant in Akalla and is delivered via the district cooling network. Process Cooling 14°C is a simple, safe and clean method based on chilled water cooling. At Interxion, a heat exchanger and a circulation pump is all that is required to cool the data center’s internal chilled water loop.

In the process the excess heat from the data center is recovered and returned to Stockholm Exergi where it enters large heat pumps that produces districtheating. In this way heat that was previously simply rejected into the open air can now heat thousands of homes. At the same time, Interxion’s costs are reduced, as it is compensated for the recovered heat.

Process Cooling 14°C offers a solution in which environmental and financial interests go hand in hand.

Photographs by Kristina Sahlén