GleSYS invests in innovation for the long-term

GleSYS is an excellent example of smart, long-term thinking based on heat recovery

GleSYS is one of Sweden’s leading providers of cloud services and server hosting, and has two wholly owned date centers, one in Falkenberg, southwest Sweden, and one in Västberga in Stockholm. Since June 2017, GleSYS has supplied excess heat from its data center in Västberga to Stockholm Exergi’s district heating network. In the near future, excess heat from the data center will provide heat for more than 1,000 apartments annually.

Simple business model

The business model and concept are simple. Two heat pumps are installed to cool the data center and deliver excess heat to the district heating network. Stockholm Exergi pays GleSYS for the heat it supplies, which in turn heats apartments in the surrounding area through the network.

“Even though this is a major investment for us, we expect to see a return within a year,” says Joakim Jarstorp.

Heating capacity is calculated to steadily increase to around 1MW, and as GleSYS expands, deliveries are expected to increase further. In addition to excess heat being recovered for the district heating network, GleSYS generates revenue, and contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Stockholm.

Installation of a new, unique heat pump

In co-operation with Stockholm Exergi, GleSYS has chosen to invest in a new type of heat pump that uses a highly environmentally friendly cooling agent, HFO, which is ultimately expected to replace R134a, the current industry standard. The installation is the first of its kind on the Swedish market, and comprises two Carrier heat pumps that generate higher temperatures more efficiently.

GleSYS’ data center: a part of the EU’s GrowSmarter project

Through Stockholm Exergi’s involvement, heat recovery from GleSYS’ data center in Västberga is part of the EU’s GrowSmarter project – an initiative that promotes investment in sustainable cities in Europe, and that includes Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona as participating cities.

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