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The world’s first market place for excess heat

Open District Heating makes use of energy that would otherwise go to waste. By recovering heat for the district heating network, we create a unique market place for trade in excess heat. Stockholm Exergi’s investment in heat recovery is a key part of its efforts to create a sustainable city. By 2030, 100 percent of Stockholm’s district heating is to be generated from renewable and recovered energy.

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Companies and businesses with excess heat located adjacent to the district heating network can sell energy to us at market prices, thereby improving the efficiency of heating and cooling plants, and enabling the transfer of energy from places where there is an excess to where it is needed. Our aim is to always increased profitability and energy efficiency for suppliers and Stockholm Exergi.

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Heat recovery is a key component of Stockholm Exergi’s sustainability strategy

Open District Heating was launched in 2014, now a proven initiative given the clear trend towards willingness to adopt and interest in heat recovery, with growing numbers are connecting to Öppen Fjärrvärme. The concept caters not only to the need of disposing of heat effectively, but also for economic gain and steps towards more sustainable urban solutions.

Stockholm Exergi currently supplies around 90 percent of greater Stockholm with district heating. Of the energy that is produced, 90 percent is renewable or recovered. The aim is to increase this to 100 percent by 2030, when at least 10 percent of Stockholm future heating needs will be supplied by recovered excess heat from data centers.

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Joint large-scale heat recovery initiative with Stockholm Data Parks

In January 2017, and together with the City of Stockholm, Stocab, and power distribution company Ellevio, Stockholm Exergi launched a product on the national and international market designed to make Stockholm the obvious choice for establishing large-scale data centers.

The idea and vision behind the joint imitative is to harness the synergies between Stockholm’s district heating network, reliable and tax-free delivery of renewable electricity, and Stockholm’s position as a leading global ICT center. This enables the up-scale establishment of the world’s most environmentally friendly and energy efficient data centers in Stockholm.

One of the key competitive advantages data center operators enjoy from establishing in Stockholm is getting paid to recover heat from data centers and channel it to Stockholm Exergi’s district heating network. The goal is to have 10 percent of Stockholm’s future energy needs met by recovered excess heat from data centers.

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Open District Heating joins EU’s GrowSmarter project

Since 2015, Open District Heating has been part of the EU’s GrowSmarter project that seeks to develop, launch and demonstrate new sustainable energy solutions for European cities of the future. Participating cities include Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona, along with several so-called Following Cities. GrowSmarter is run under the auspices of the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, which runs until 2019.

Two Open District Heating suppliers are involved with the project through the participation of the City of Stockholm and Stockholm Exergi. These suppliers are hosting provider GleSYS and grocery store Hemköp in Farsta Centrum.

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About Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi ensures that Stockholm residents are warm and cozy year-round, while at the same time ensuring that the whole heating cycle is more efficient and that greenhouse gases are kept in check.

The district heating we provide has been critical to Stockholm’s success in halving emissions in recent decades. Today, we’ve reached about 89 percent renewable and recovered energy. But that’s not enough – our goal is 100 percent.

The bulk of the energy that does not originate from renewables is heat that we obtain by recovering waste heat from sewerage water, refuse that is incinerated and cannot be recycled, and excess heat from data centers and food stores. In this process, we also mitigate hazardous substances, which we remove from the heating cycle.

At Stockholm Exergi, we know that what we do is critical for Stockholm’s climate adaption efforts, and to ensure that Stockholmers are warm and cozy right through the winter.

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Open District Heating®  is a registered trademark in Sweden. AB Fortum is jointly owned with the City of Stockholm.

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